What good skincare is about

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First things first: Why is skin care actually important and why should you continue reading, even if you are happy with your skin at the moment?

The answer is as simple as it is short: It is much easier to preserve than to fix. We all know that and it is the reason why we brush our teeth, service our car or stretch after exercising.

So it makes sense to start a routine when you still have a more or less wrinkle-free face, instead of googling anti-aging when friends already pointed out a certain resemblance to a bulldog.
The same applies to clean facial skin. Regular care removes, among other things, excess sebum, which - if not properly removed - can lead to impure skin in the form of blackheads. Facial cleansing prevents avoidable pimples as much as possible. While cleansing also can help with existing breakouts, it just takes a little longer (check out our article on facial cleansing basics).

Therefore, skin care is important to maintain and support good skin as well as to correct blemishes and signs of aging whenever possible. In addition, for many it simply feels good to care for or cleanse their skin because you are doing something good for yourself. So far so good. But what defines good skin care?

The basis of every skin care product are the ingredients , which manufacturers are obliged to indicate on the products. However, the terms are often very cryptic and usually do not really help the consumer's understanding, since it is not clear what is hidden behind the labels, whether the ingredients are vegan or sustainable and what they actually do.
Not only is transparency important to us (that's why we explain what's behind terms like Acmella Oleracea Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate), but also that all ingredients are vegan, sustainable and harmless. We consciously invest in high-quality active ingredients in order to be able to offer our customers the best products that can be used without hesitation.

However, even the best and most sustainable ingredients are worthless without effectiveness. Consumers use face creams and the like to achieve something, such as clearer skin or wrinkle reduction as described above. High-quality active ingredients can demonstrably help to achieve exactly this, also known as claims, and sometimes the interaction of several active ingredients can also have a special effect.
At Kluuf, claims are not empty promises, but are based on actual effectiveness tests by our raw material manufacturers. Trust is very important to us, so we prefer to promise you less, but with substance. We will never make any claims about looking younger overnight or clearer skin after one application. Instead, we highlight what great effects consistent and sustained skin care can have.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that we see skin care as a (necessary) luxury. We know how important it is to take care of your skin, but we also know how irrelevant body lotions and face creams are when you don't know where your next meal is going to come from.
That's why it's so close to Kluuf's heart (and in the company's DNA) that every product sold supports projects that help people who don't have the same privileges as we do. It is important to us to make a positive difference in the long term. That's why we invest in education and meals for children in South Africa, who often don't know where the next meal is supposed to come from and don't have access to state schools. We do this directly, without going through third parties and bureaucracy, but rather projects in which we are involved ourselves and often help out on site.
This is what good skin care is all about for us.

In summary, good skin care is the interaction of sustainable raw materials, which are harmless and help you to reliably achieve your goals without much effort. At the same time, good skin care gives people less privileged opportunities, in the form of educational projects in Africa.
All of this makes good skincare for us and can be found in exactly this form in each of our products.
Social, simple & sustainable skincare.

Finally, it is of course important to take care of your skin regularly . We know that even with the best products, this is not always easy. That's why we have an article for you that gives helpful tips on how to successfully build routines.


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