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Every skin is different, and by that we don't just mean that men's skin is thicker and oilier than women's, or that the cells in the epidermis divide less frequently in old age than in younger years. There are many different skin types, all of which have special requirements and needs.
In addition, our skin is influenced by a multitude of factors, which at first glance seem to have little or nothing to do with skin care:
Our diet plays an elementary part in the appearance of our skin, because we absorb important vitamins and nutrients through it.
Restful sleep helps the skin to regenerate, while alcohol and nicotine damage the skin from the inside.
Environmental pollution and screen light lead to free radicals and skin-ageing.

unkomplizierte Hautpflege

& the right care

But why use skincare at all when there are so many external factors that affect the skin and everyone's skin is different anyway? Kluuf's products are designed to be universally applicable to provide maximum benefit to different skin types.
Through a combination of traditional and innovative ingredients, our products address a variety of needs and caring for it holistically, making your life easier.
Not only do we focus on caring for and strengthening your skin, but we also make sure your current assets are maintained and fostered.
With Kluuf, a wide variety of skin types are sustainably cared for and nourished. It goes without saying that all products are vegan certified and have been tested by independent dermatologists for normal and sensitive skin and found to be very good.

skincare for men

At Kluuf we pride ourselves on having a lean portfolio and uncomplicated products. No exhausting 7-step skincare routines, no 13 bottles of products that clog up your bathroom cabinet. Good care is important for healthy skin and good looks, but it doesn't have to take a lot of time, as our facial care with our face cream and cleanser show:


Wet face

At the beginning of the skin care routine for men, we recommended to slightly wet the face with warm water.
The warm water opens the cells of the skin and makes the facial tissue more receptive to cleansing.
In addition, the water gives the cleanser an active ingredient to work with.


Kluuf's Cleanser for men is best applied to the palms or fingers. From there, apply evenly to the face and massage gently (three to four pumps should be enough). This allows for a thorough cleansing of all the layers of the skin.


After a thorough facial massage (see step "massage"), gently rinse the face with warm water, making sure that no cleanser remains on the skin. The facial cleanser is designed for short and gentle cleansing, but could be too aggressive for the skin if left for a long time.

Dry face

After the facial cleanser has been gently washed off, the face should be dried with a soft towel. It is best to dab lightly and not rub roughly, as the skin is particularly sensitive directly after cleansing.

face cream

Kluuf's face cream for men is best applied to the palm of the hand or fingers and gently massaged into the dried skin. Three to four pumps of the face cream should be enough to cover the face.






Skincare ABC



By anti-aging we mean reducing (anti) the visible signs of skin aging. This can be achieved with the help of active ingredients such as spirulina or spilanthol, which can be found in our face cream and body lotion.


Beta Vulgaris

Better known as beetroot, beta vulgaris root extract helps to catch free radicals, protecting the skin. This excellent moisturizer is so good it's in Kluuf's face creambody lotion and cleanser.



Cleansing is an essential step in any skincare routine. It removes dead skin cells and dirt. This unclogs the pores and prevents blackheads. Afterwards we recommend to use our face cream.



Collagen - an endogenous protein which is more prevalent in men than in women - firms and strengthens the skin. It works in conjunction with hyaluronic acid and thus binds moisture for a fresh and firm appearance.


Free radicals

The name free radicals does not bode well and in fact these molecules are harmful to the skin. Characterized by an unpaired electron, an increased concentration can lead to wrinkles and dry skin, amongst other things. The ingredients of our face cream and body lotion are excellent "scavengers" of free radicals.



Found in many skincare products, glycerine is a hotly debated ingredient. Glycerine is considered a moisturizer and in the right concentration it is a great care ingredient, such as in our after shave. However, when overdosed, glycerine robs the skin of moisture.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide and naturally found in the skin. The sugar sustainably binds moisture in the skin and thus leads to moist and firm skin. In addition, hyaluronan helps against wrinkles and ensures a fresh appearance (can be found in Kluuf's face cream).



Almost everyone is familiar with (skin) irritations: Some ingredients particularly irritate the skin and sometimes the skin also reacts allergically to certain substances. That's why all of Kluuf's products are tested for very good skin compatibility, including sensitive skin (see also "sensitive skin")


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a well-tolerated ingredient in our face cream, which is extracted from the Jojoba shrub. It is full of vitamin E and gently cares for the skin. Key properties are also an excellent moisture supply and strengthening of the skin.



Lecithin can be of animal or vegan origin and has a nourishing and degreasing effect on the skin. Natuarlly, Kluuf relies on vegan lecithin, for example in our after shave.


Mixed Skin

Mixed skin is a skin type which exhibits dry as well as oily skin at the same time on different parts of the body. We recommend using a balanced care product like our body lotion to care for mixed skin.



Oily (or greasy) skin usually has an increased sebum production, which cannot be taken away properly. Men generally tend to have oilier skin than women. A gentle cleanser helps to sustainably get rid of excess oil. Afterwards, our carefully designed face cream is the perfect partner.


Oily Skin

For us at Kluuf, PEG-based polymers, paraffins, palm oil or other ingredients that we classify as questionable or even harmful do not belong in skincare and are not found in any of our products (learn more).


PEGs, Paraffin, Parabens, ...

For us at Kluuf, PEG-based polymers, paraffins, palm oil or other ingredients that we classify as questionable or even harmful do not belong in skincare and are not found in any of our products (learn more).



Kluuf's products do not use any artificial fragrances, such as perfumes. Consumers can easily have an allergic reaction to these substances and moreover, usually prefer subtle smells. Kluuf therefore prefers the use of oils such as rosemary oil in our face cream.


Razor Burns

Razor burn is redness paired with irritation that occurs in freshly shaved areas. In addition to redness, unpleasant sensations such as itching are often associated. Regularly changing the razor blades, caring shaving foam and the right after shave have a preventive effect.



See Ubiquinones


Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin reacts more easily with irritations and/or redness to active ingredients, than normal skin. Kluuf's portfolio has been tested for sensitive skin tolerance by independent dermatologists and found to be very good.



Spilanthol (Spilanthes Acmella Oleracea Extract) is a vegan wonder drug found in Kluuf's body lotion. Spilanthol, often referred to as bio botox, has a proven skin-firming effect and reduces wrinkles. It also stabilizes and strengthens the skin (more information here).



It goes without saying that all of Kluuf’s products are tested for normal and sensitive skin compatibility. Our complete portfolio has been rated "very good" in all categories by independent dermatologists.



The derivative - also better known as Q10 - is a natural component of the skin where it stabilizes the structure by inhibiting the breakdown and decay of valuable ingredients. The entire body benefits from this active ingredient. Perfect for Kluuf's body lotion.



Vitamins are not only an important part of every diet, but they are also essential for balanced skincare. This includes vitamins that are absorbed through the skin, but also through diet. Among other things, vitamins help to produce collagen, slow down skin aging, and stimulate skin renewal.



Water in skincare products is often viewed with scrutiny, and some brands even promote water-free products. Kluuf, on the other hand proudly uses water in all of its products. Used correctly, combined with high-quality & vegan emulsifiers and preservatives, this natural ingredient helps with any skin care routine.


Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract or simply ginger is a medicinal plant which can prevent inflammation and is therefore the perfect active ingredient for Kluuf's after shave. Ginger stimulates the blood circulation and thus improves the oxygen supply, which can lead to a fitter and fresher appearance.

Properties of the skin and Kluuf's products

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