Mild cleanser with activated charcoal that cleanses facial skin without drying or irritating. Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin while cleansing.

Suitable for
normal, dry and sensitive skin

Skin feel
Clean and subtly refreshed

Main ingredients
Activated charcoal, clay, aloe very & antioxidans

PETA & vegan certified
Dermatologically tested
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Bamboo charcoal and clay (kaolin) absorb impurities such as sebum and fats and at the same time have an exfoliating effect.



Aloe Vera provides the skin with sufficient moisture during cleansing, additionally supplying important nutrients as well.



Activated charcoal (derived from bamboo) stimulates cell growth, which in turn leads to a healthy appearance and smooth skin.



Antioxidants effectively protect against 'free radicals', which otherwise often lead to premature skin aging and skin damage.

Ingredients explained

AntioxidantienIrish MossAktivkohle

INCI: Charcoal Powder

Active charcoal

Bamboo charcoal, which absorbs impurities with its surface and has an exfoliating effect.

INCI: Chondrus Crispus (Irish Moss) Powder

Irish Moss

No moss, but an algae with antibacterial properties, ideal for long-lasting facial cleansing.

INCI: Aqua, Pentylene Glycol, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate

Mineral Complex

The Mineral Complex is a combination of powerful active ingredients that work together to protect the skin against free radical damage.

All about free radicals and antioxidans here.

Kein Mikroplastik


Weaken the skin and the production is harmful for the environment
Keine Sulfate

No sulfates

Aggressive ingredients which are bad for the environment
Keine Paraffine

No paraffins

Weaken the skin barrier and
are potentially accumulated in the body
Nachhaltiges Palmöl

Sustainable oil

Kluuf uses certified palm oil or other sustainable alternatives
Keine Parabene

No parabens

Parabens may influence hormone balance
Keine Schadstoffe

No harmful ingredients

E.g. benzophenones and other risky ingredients
Keine Silikone

No silicones

No lasting benefit for the skin and harmful for the environment


Clear NO to animal testing by Kluuf & Partners (EU regulation)



Dermatologically tested

Facial cleansers can often have a drying effect on the skin and damage it. Kluuf's cleanser is deliberately designed for both normal and sensitive skin without drying out the skin. Dermatological testing confirms excellent skin compatibility for all skin types.

Natural ingredients

Natural active ingredients such as aloe vera provide the basis for well-round care of the skin. Combined with charcoal and kaolin, the face is gently cleansed and perfectly cared for.


With Kluuf, there are no 10-step cleansing routines. We uncomplicated skincare for men, so the daily use of our cleanser is enough for comprehensive facial cleansing.
hand holding kluuf's gentle facial cleanser on ground with luxurious packaging and shadow

our cleanser

Kluuf's cleanser is designed for thorough and at the same time gentle cleansing of facial skin. Dermatologically tested, vegan certified & free from ingredients that are not compliant with our ...

Facial cleansing for men

Kluuf's cleanser for men is a comprehensive facial cleanser specially designed for gentle yet thorough cleansing of the modern man. The product is made from natural and innovative ingredients known for their cleansing and conditioning properties, such as kaolin and activated charcoal. The combination of these ingredients ensures that the skin is thoroughly cleansed as well as nourished, while avoiding possible irritation or drying.

Glycerin and Pentylene Glycol moisturize the skin, while Aloe Vera soothes the skin. Activated charcoal, caffeine and citric acid contribute to the extended care of the skin, leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

Irish moss powder, sugar beet root extract and lemongrass oil work together to provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, making the facial cleanser ideal for men prone to occasional breakouts. The combination of zinc, copper and magnesium delivers essential minerals, as well as antioxidants that support skin health and scavenge free radicals.

In addition to its cleansing properties, Kluuf's cleanser also offers a refreshing and invigorating scent, thanks to citral, geraniol and limonene. The product is gentle on the skin and has received top marks in dermatological tests for both normal and sensitive skin.

Overall, Kluuf's facial cleanser is a highly effective and balanced facial cleansing product that is perfect for the modern man who wants to look and feel good. With its natural ingredients, invigorating scent and powerful cleansing properties, this product is a great addition to any man's daily skincare routine.

kluuf - Körperpflege für den modernen Mann

Kluuf is the skincare brand that is tailored to your needs.
We have been on the market since 2022 and we specialize in offering a high quality and effective skincare for men that is sustainable at the same time.

We use only natural and innovative active ingredients to guarantee good skin tolerance and effective care. In the development of our products, we pay attention to sustainability and use raw materials that are 100% vegan. Since May 2023 Kluuf is certified by PETA and carries the vegan, as well as 'global animal testing policy' logo. We also eliminate harmful ingredients such as PEG polymers, parabens, and sulfates to ensure worry-free skincare.

Our products are packaged in recyclable glass bottles and protected by a sustainable grass paper carton. We offer a wide range of products to suit the different needs of your skin. Whether it's face cream, aftershave, cleanser or body lotion - at Kluuf you'll find everything you need for optimal skin care.

You can buy our products at and from selected partners. We offer fast delivery and climate-neutral shipping, free of charge in Germany without minimum order value.

With Kluuf you care for your skin in an effective and sustainable way and do something for nature at the same time. Order now and experience a unique skin care from Kluuf!

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Friedrich Königsreuter

Nach langem Testen habe ich endlich meine ultimative Pflegelinie gefunden.
Absolut empfehlenswert!!

Keine Pickel mehr

Der Gesichtsreiniger von Kluuf war ein Geschenk von meiner Frau. Nach kurzer Gewöhnungszeit cleanse ich mein Gesicht mittlerweile jeden Morgen. Fühlt sich wirklich gut an und ich habe schon seit Längerem keine Pickel mehr.

Vegane Hautpflege

Im Vergleich zu anderen Cleansern ist das Produkt von Kluuf mild, was perfekt für meine Haut ist. Wichtig, dass der Gesichtsreiniger vegan ist.


Zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben nutze ich einen Cleanser und bin positiv überrascht, wie gut meine Haut aussieht. Abends erst die Reinigung und dann kluuf's vegane Feuchtigkeitscreme ist zu meinem Ritual geworden.

Milder Cleanser für Männer

Ein hochwertiger Cleanser, der sich gut anfühlt. Der Reiniger war ein Geschenk und ich bin super happy (auch wenn ich erstmal verwirrt, was das für ein Hautpflegeprodukt ist ;).