PETA VEGAN AWARD 2023 - Best after shave kluuf

PETA VEGAN AWARD 2023 - Bestes after shave kluuf

In October 2023 kluuf's after shave was awarded the prestigious PETA VEGAN BEAUTY AWARD - category "best after shave", surpassing many household names.

 The PETA Vegan Award is awarded every year by the animal rights organization PETA in categories such as Food, Fashion, Travel or Beauty and honours companies as well as products that find innovative vegan solutions and offer leading products. In the past, the beauty category has included winners such as Junglück, NKM Naturkosmetik München and Sober.

 Winning the award manifests kluuf's position in sustainable & vegan skincare for men, with best after shave for every skin type. PETA comments on kluuf's win with the following words:

 "With after shave, kluuf exemplifies that animal ingredients and animal testing are a thing of the past. Vegan and modern product creations are good for animals, people and the environment. We hope that many other companies in the beauty industry will follow this example and congratulate them warmly on winning the PETA VEGAN AWARD 2023 in the category "Best Vegan Aftershave," says Harald Ullmann, co-founder and 2nd chairman of PETA Germany.

We have deliberately designed our aftershave to offer a clean and effective alternative in a saturated market with numerous products. Our separate blog article describes how the combination of traditional ingredients - such as Aloe Vera, Mint & Ginger - and innovative active ingredients like - Niacinamide & Peptides - has created a high quality all-purpose skincare product for all skin types. kluuf focuses not only on sustainability and efficacy in the formulation of all products, but also on excellent skin compatibility.

 kluuf is on a mission to make skin care more accessible to men with effective, sustainable and uncomplicated serums, lotions and creams. Prizes like the PETA VEGAN BEAUTY AWARD 2023 support a start-up company like kluuf to strengthen its reputation in the industry and at the same time put pressure on established brands to focus more on sustainability. On winning best vegan after shave in the beauty category from PETA, kluuf's founder Florian said the following:

 "We are extremely proud to win what we consider the most prestigious award in the vegan beauty industry less than a year since going live and feel validated in our mission to bring men closer to sustainable skincare without compromising on quality or price." said Florian, kluuf's founder

An important side effect of kluuf winning the PETA VEGAN AWARD 2023 is the attention generated for kluuf's social mission. kluuf not only stands for sustainable and uncomplicated men's skincare with our day creams and aftershaves, but also invests 10% of the company's profits in social projects. kluuf supports and cooperates with the charity HIT - Help In Time to provide children with educational opportunities and fulfil basic needs. Skincare is a privilege that recognizes kluuf's social mission: through the guaranteed profit contribution, every purchase (and therefore every skincare purchase) does something good and consumers become benefactors.

 kluuf is focused on sustainability, and the PETA BEAUTY VEGAN AWARD for kluuf's after shave is a significant recognition of our men's skincare products and reinforces our mission. In this spirit, we would like to thank the animal rights organization PETA and all our customers for their support.

 PETA VEGAN AWARD winner kluuf 

PETA VEGAN AWARD 2023 winner kluuf


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