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Good skincare doesn't need animal ingredients to be effective, high quality and uncomplicated. All Kluuf products are independently certified vegan.

Climate neutral

Kluuf ships all products - whether face cream or cleanser - climate neutrally with DHL. In addition, we produce in Germany and our central warehouse is in Cologne - for short distances and low emissions.

Clean ingredients

Kluuf deliberately refrains from using ingredients that are suspected of being harmful to humans, the environment or animals. Here you will find a short list of what we think should never be used in skincare:

PETA certification

Kluuf is certified under PETA's 'global animal testing policy' seal. This means that neither we nor our service providers conduct any animal tests, which is also in-line with EU legislation.

Kein Mikroplastik


Weaken the skin and the production is harmful for the environment
Keine Sulfate

No sulfates

Aggressive ingredients which are bad for the environment
Keine Paraffine

No paraffins

Weaken the skin barrier and are potentially accumulated in the body
Nachhaltiges Palmöl

Sustainable oil

Kluuf uses certified palm oil or other sustainable alternatives
Keine Parabene

No parabens

Parabens may influence hormone balance
Keine Schadstoffe

No harmful substances

E.g. benzophenones and other risky ingredients
Keine Silikone

No silicones

No lasting benefit for the skin and harmful for the environment


Clear NO to animal testing by Kluuf & Partners (EU regulation)
green face cream & body lotion


To ensure that we meet our own high standards of sustainability, Kluuf is in constant contact with experts to ensure that only harmless active ingredients are used. At the same time, we ensure that only the best effective and vegan raw materials go into our products.

For example, Kluuf almost exclusively substitutes palm oil (deforestation of the rainforest) and if this cannot be avoided, certified sustainable palm oil is used. Animal lactic acid is replaced by vegan lactic acid and instead of parabens (in suspicion of interfering with the hormonal balance) which are used as preservatives, Kluuf uses antioxidants contained in vitamins, essential oils, and other vegan ingredients.
green cleanser & after shave


Good skincare does not need any animal ingredients. We ourselves act from the conviction that if you can achieve the same (or better) quality with non-animal ingredients, then you should go down this route. This has been possible in the field of skincare for a long time, but unfortunately many - mostly larger - manufacturers still insist on using animal products, presumably because of financial considerations. Not at Kluuf, where sustainability is a priority and all products are vegan certified.

By the way: According to EU legislation, products or ingredients have not been allowed to be tested on animals for a long time and of course we also comply with


Ingredients Kluuf consciously forgoes

We are well aware that shipping parcels is not the best thing for the environment. That's why we only ship climate-neutral with DHL, in order to at least not place an additional burden on the environment. This is also the reason why Kluuf does not offer express shipping.
We are well aware that shipping parcels is not the best thing for the environment. That's why we only ship climate-neutral with DHL, in order to at least not place an additional burden on the environment. This is also the reason why Kluuf does not offer express shipping.

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Kluuf develops and manufactures all men's skincare products sustainably and promises not to use any ingredients that we categorise as harmful to humans, animals or the environment. As such, our creams and lotions are free from sulphates, parabens, paraffins, micro-plastics, unsustainable palm oil, silicones, animal products and other potentially harmful ingredients.

It is Kluuf's conviction to avoid the use of animal products  and many other raw materials that are often found in cosmetics, but are classified as questionable by experts.

We see our sustainability agenda as the only way Kluuf can offer you skin care that is that is good for you, your skin and also good for the environment. Kluuf relies on high-quality vegan ingredients with proven efficacy, so that our cosumers never have to make a compromise when it comes to quality. Kluuf face cream, body lotion, after shave and cleanser for men are all effective and certified vegan.