Who we are (founders & partners)

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Kluuf is a company that consists out of real people and partners who have their own stories, are diverse, and not simply a faceless cooperation.

The section below gives a little insight into who is behind Kluuf itself and which partners support us in our mission to offer you the best skin care and at the same time do something good in the world.

Florian Wilhelm

Born in the early 1990s, Florian grew up in Hamburg. After a career in a global corporation, which included assignments in Germany, England, Austria, Romania and Switzerland, Florian founded his first company in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Driven by an urge to combine his entrepreneurial skills with a charitable conviction, Kluuf was born. In addition to high-quality skin care for men, Kluuf invests company profits in charitable projects that promote education in Africa.



'HIT - Help in Time' is a non-profit company (gGmbH) founded by Petra Rinow, with which Florian has cooperated privately in the form of active and financial support for a long time. In 2022, Petra, Florian and a thrid partner jointly founded the South African branch 'HIT SA' in order to be able to support local projects more efficiently. HIT SA enables Kluuf to provide targeted support for projects in South Africa and to ensure that the investments reach the right people on site and can make a positive difference.


atholl house 

The atholl house is a high quality and ecological guesthouse in Cape Town, South Africa with beautiful rooms and a stunning location in Camps Bay. Since the end of 2023, the individual rooms are equipped with kluuf's products to offer guests not only the best relaxation for the soul, but also for the skin. At the same time the atholl house is also a proud partner of HIT and supports the same mission as kluuf.


Valerie Helbich-Poschacher

Valerie has been a partner of Kluuf since the beginning and has not only helped us with the logo design but is responsible for a variety of visuals, such as our labels, the sustainable grass paper packaging and much more. Valerie has a wide range of project experience and has worked with a variety of clients, both large multinationals or small start-ups.



Cosmacon is an established European expert in the development of sustainable and modern cosmetic products. With excellent knowledge of raw materials and market understanding, Cosmacon advised and supported Kluuf in the development of the launch portfolio. Due to the excellent knowledge of raw materials, active ingrdients and the network of manufactures, Kluuf's product are always the perfect mixture of traditional and innovative ingredients.


SGS proderm

SGS proderm is a globally respected clinical research institute based in northern Germany. With over 25 years of experience, numerous patented test methods and the latest technology, SGS proderm is the ideal partner to independently test our products for skin compatibility. All of the products received the best classification of “very good” when tested by SGS proderm. Of course, neither Kluuf nor SGS proderm test products and/or ingredients on animals within the framework of EU legislation as well as their own sustainability principles.

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