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Kluuf stands for sustainable skin care that is easy to use, so that you can treat yourself and your skin in no time at all.

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We ship free of charge as of 50€ within Germany and as of 70€ within the EU - of course climate-neutral and fast.


We cooperate with all common payment providers such as PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay and Google Pay. So you can shop in your usual way.


Every order supports social projects in Africa that ensure children have access to education. This is how you lay the foundation for a better future.


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With Kluuf, you finally have your personal products that support you in your everyday life. Skincare with Kluuf is simple, effective and above all fast. So you can achieve your goals effortlessly. Our products are developed with leading experts to provide you with innovative and effective skincare that meets the demands of your everyday life. #simpleskincare


That Does Good

With every application, you are not only doing something good for yourself and your skin, but you are also contributing to Kluuf's mission of a better world:We are committed to investing at least 10% of our annual profits in social projects. So with every purchase you support projects that promote equality and education in Africa. Why? Because together with you, we can make a real difference. #socialskincare

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Vegan & Sustainable

Sustainability is a core priority for you and for us, and so Kluuf is committed not to use animal products or other ingredients that are not aligned with our sustainability agenda amongst others these including parabens, PEG-based polymers and paraffins.Our products are dermatologically tested, certified vegan and of course not tested on animals according to EU regulation. #sustainableskincare


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Our Customer’s Experience

I travel a lot, so I love Kluuf's quick and easy skincare routine. It only takes a few minutes and my skin looks and feels great.

Maxi, Wien

I switched from a well-known brand to Kluuf after seeing what was in the product on codecheck. With Kluuf, I can do something good for my skin without having to worry about sustainability.

Tobias, Berlin

Kluuf has convinced me that skincare is relevant for men. I mainly use the face cream and in summer addtionally the body lotion.

Lorenz, Hamburg

Sustainability is very important to me when selecting new products and Kluuf's approach has convinced me. The products feel great and are easy to use.

Felix, Hamburg

I use Kluuf's products every day and my skin feels noticeably better. I like that I do something good with every purchase and get compliments on my appearance.

Aaron, München

What is Kluuf ?




vegan ingredients

good for you, your skin & others

Kluuf stands for sustainable skin care that is easy to use, so that you can treat yourself and your skin in no time at all.
We make sure that your skin is protected from external influences & optimally cared for. All products use only ingredients that we classify as clean & have already been proven to be effective. With every application, you not only strengthen yourself, but also do good for children in Africa.

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PETA VEGAN AWARD 2023 - Best after shave kluuf

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What good skincare is about

Good skin care is uncomplicated, sustainable and in the best case even fun - it's that simple. At Kluuf, we are convinced that less is more. That is why our portfolio is as lean as possible. Of cou...

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Who we are (founders & partners)

Kluuf is a company made up of people and partners who have stories, are diverse, and not a faceless conglomerate. Florian founded the company because he wanted to offer high-quality and sustainable...