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Kluuf's cleanser, often also known as facial cleanser or face wash, is designed for the lasting and at the same time gentle cleansing of the facial skin.
Like the rest of our body, the skin on our face should be cleaned regularly, but there are a few things to keep in mind: The skin on our face is thinner than on most other parts of the body and also has less fat. Because of this, it is important to cleanse this more sensitive skin differently than the rest of the body. If, for example, normal soap (pH value 7) were used to cleanse the face, it could dry out the skin (pH value 5.5) and thus weaken the natural protective mechanism, which in turn would make it easy for bacteria (for more information see our blog post Why facial cleansing).
What makes the cleanser so special, why is it just right for your skin, how do you actually cleanse your face and what else is there to know?

Our face wash is of course vegan certified and free of ingredients that we classify as detrimental to people and the environment. Instead, the cleanser is filled with valuable and highly effective ingredients and is designed in a way that even sensitive skin is thoroughly cleaned without being irritated.

Amongst others, Kluuf's cleanser works with:

  • Kaolin: A clay, which is named after the oldest known finding place in China and is occasionally used as healing clay. In our cleanser, kaolin binds fats, but also has a slightly abrasive effect, removing old skin cells and smoothing the skin.
  • Charcoal: In this case bamboo charcoal, can bind and absorb substances particularly well due to the specially structured surface. The charcoal not only absorbs impurities, but also removes/exfoliates dead skin cells (also known as exfoliating ) and at the same time stimulates cell growth.
  • Antioxidant: Antioxidants are commonly found in food (e.g. blueberries) and skincare products. They catch so-called free radicals, which otherwise could lead to skin damage as well as premature skin aging. At the same time antioxidants help to smooth the skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Is a well-researched plant found in a variety of skin care products. We rely on this traditional ingredient because it moisturizes and cools the skin like no other (the aloe plant itself consists of well over 90% water). This balances other active ingredients that sometimes stress and dry the skin during cleansing.
  • Irish Moss: Not a moss as the name suggests, but an algae rich in sulfates. This gives it antibacterial properties. It is currently being investigated whether it can also help regulating the microbiome household.

The combination of the above and many other ingredients makes our cleanser a product that makes facial cleansing pleasant. No drying out, no attack on the natural protective layer, no unnecessarily complicated cleaning routines.

We recommend using the cleanser in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed, this washes away the influences of the day & night and frees the skin from impurities. However, everyone should decide for themselves whether one or two cleanings are better for their own skin.

How does it work?
First rinse the skin with warm water - this opens the pores which in turn helps the active ingredients to work - then apply the cleanser to your fingers using the dispenser (three to four pumps are usually sufficient for us). Now massage the cleanser gently into the face and, if necessary, the neck, avoiding the eye area. A little foam forms on the face. After a short exposure time, wash off the cleanser thoroughly with warm water so that nothing remains on your face.
After cleansing, we like to use our face cream to moisturize the skin, stimulate regeneration and rebuild the protection against external influences. For us, the combination of cleansing and facial care is the basis of skin care. Regular use not only has a great effect the appearance, many customers also report that they feel more well-groomed. Best to just try it out right away.

For us it goes without saying that our cleanser is dermatologically tested. The independent research institute proderm has tested all of our products for skin compatibility with the help of dermatologists and volunteers, both for normal and sensitive skin. Kluuf's complete portfolio has received the top rating "very good" and can therefore be used by all skin types carefree. We know that many facial cleansers on the market are often aggressive and can irritate and dry out the skin. That is why we are particularly proud that our product has received top grade for sensitive skin compatibility.

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