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Kluuf's body lotion, also known as lotion, body cream milk or cream, is a full body cream specially designed for men's skin, used primarily to keep the skin soft and healthy, but it is also often applied when it is dry or irritated.
Often used in winter to care for skin dried out by the cold and sometimes used in summer to heal the strains of sun exposure.
What makes the lotion so special, why is it just right for your skin, how to use it and what else is there to know?

Our body lotion is certified vegan and only uses ingredients that we classify as detrimental to people and the environment. Nevertheless, the body lotion is full of valuable and highly effective ingredients, making it the perfect part of any skin care routine.
Amongst others Kluuf's body lotion for men works with:

  • Spilanthol: Bio-Botox in the vernacular and Spilanthes Acmella in the technical jargon is mostly obtained from the flower of the Jambu plant native to Brazil and has long been used in traditional medicine to reduce pain. Compared to real Botox, however, Spilanthol does not paralyze the muscles, but only relaxes them, smoothing wrinkles and firming the skin.
  • Panthenol: Also known as provitamin B5, has a healing effect and is therefore not only found in skincare but also in wound ointments. Panthenol provides the skin with moisture and increases its elasticity, while also improving the skin's regeneration process, thus having an anti-aging effect. In addition, the provitamin is said to be able to reduce sunburn.
  • Monoi Oil: Is a traditional skin care product derived from Tiare flower and coconut oil. Used primarily to provide the skin with lasting moisture, the active ingredient also leaves a natural glow on the skin.
  • Activated Carbon: This specially processed type of charcoal is characterized by numerous small openings on the surface. In our body lotion, the charcoal particles are even visible and are noticeably absorbed by the skin when applied. They clean and smooth the skin at the same time.
  • Shea Butter: The shea tree is naturally found in Africa and its fruits are used to make the moisturizing butter that has become a staple of skincare. The combination of natural fatty acids and other valuable ingredients make Shea Butter the ultimate moisturizer that prevents wrinkles and is well tolerated by all types of skin.

The combination of the above and other ingredients make our body lotion a multi-talent for overall body care.
Used once a day, this product gives your skin exactly the care it needs. No further complicated steps necessary.

Kluuf's body lotion not only makes other care products superfluous, it is also extremely easy to use and takes very little time:

We prefer to use the dispenser to apply the body lotion directly to freshly dried skin after showering and then gently massage it in. When it comes to body care, it is striking that a small amount of the lotion supplies a large area of ​​skin. A little goes a long way, as like to say.

For us it goes without saying that our body lotion is dermatologically tested. The independent research institute proderm, with the help of dermatologists and volunteers, tested all of our products for skin compatibility, both for normal and sensitive skin. Kluuf's complete portfolio has received the top rating "very good" and can therefore be used by all skin types carefree.

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