Sustainable Christmas gift ideas - for the man who has everything

Nachhaltige Weihnachtsgeschenke für den Mann

The same procedure as every year, so desperately think about Christmas gifts for our love ones this year.
Many men have the reputation of being notoriously difficult to give presents to, whether it's a brother, father, uncle, boyfriend or husband. When the Christmas present is supposed to be sustainable and bring real joy, it becomes even more difficult.

For this very reason, we at kluuf have put our heads together and put compiled a comprehensive gift guide with the best Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones.

The recommendations listed below all come from small companies that emphasize sustainability and take their social responsibility seriously. The (Christmas) gift ideas are intended to give you inspiration and help you give your loved ones an uncomplicated present that will last as long as possible.

The perfect pre-Christmas present: Gift mindful joy with the Meditation Advent Calendar

Perfect for: anyone who would like to bring more peace into the Christmas season and find themselves. Away from a hectic Christmas season that is over faster than we would like. Nina Haidinger, an experienced mindful leadership coach, guides us mindfully through the Christmas season, combining neuroscience with mindfulness.

Why we chose the meditation Advent calendar: For us at kluuf, sustainable Christmas gifts and more conscious consumption go hand in hand with mindfulness. In addition, the Advent calendar is the perfect opportunity for more peace and quiet and beautiful moments in an otherwise potentially very stressful time. Nina herself says about the sustainable calendar:

Meditation has changed my life. With these practices, I want to offer you a space to develop and deepen your personal practice to also experience its transformational power.

Other: Nina understands that we all have our own rhythm and that some days work out better than others. This is exactly why the Advent calendar can also be paused and then caught up to in the following days. The meditations can also be repeated - according to your preferences.

The mediation Advent calendar can be purchased here for €150 and is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

In addition, kluuf is giving away an Advent calendar to all subscribers who have signed up for our newsletter by November 19. Register here.

Gift sustainable bio-oils with the Hamburgian Elbmüller manufacture

Perfect for: Gourmets and amateur chefs. For all those who value a special taste experience and at the same time don't want to compromise on sustainability. The oils from Elbmüller are bio-certified certified and on his homepage, Elbmüller Dennis explains the distance from which the raw materials are purchased. Sustainability at its best.

Why we picked the oils from Elbmüller: Unsurprisingly, sustainable ingredients are close to our hearts here at kluuf, just as they are at Elbmüller. We have tried the oils and are impressed by their taste and versatility.

Other: There is a large selection of different cooking oils from Elbmüller: our personal favourite is the coffee oil with decaffeinated beans from Elbgold, which tastes incredibly good with a little vanilla ice cream. We particularly like the mustard oil in salads as well.

You can buy a selection of the oils here: Shop. Other products such as coffee press cake cookies and pumpkin miso can be found in the glass manufactory at Heitmannstraße 72 in Hamburg.

In addition, kluuf is giving away an Elbmüller gift box (three 100ml edible oils) to all subscribers who have signed up for our newsletter by December 6.

Making the world a little bit better with the HIT - Help In Time sponsorship

Perfect for: A sponsorship with HIT is the perfect gift for yourself or a very special person. Sponsoring a child with HIT means making a lasting difference to someone's life, as well as sending a strong message against extravagant Christmas consumerism.

Why we chose the HIT Help In Time: The sponsorship supports children in the townships of South Africa with schooling as well as the needs of everyday life.
kluuf is closely associated with the charity and donates 10% of its profits to HIT every year - so together with our customers we make the world a little bit better. What could be better at Christmas than bringing lasting joy to others? This is exactly what HIT Help In Time achieves with its projects.

Others: Sponsorships are a long-term gift and come with several years of responsibility. The ambition with every sponsorship is to support the sponsored child until they finish school - which means several years. This is the only way to really give a child the prospect of a better life outside the township.

For seriously interested parties, we recommend contacting HIT here. If you are looking for a smaller gift for Christmas but still want to do something good, you can buy handmade jewellery here, which also supports HIT's social projects.

Luxurious skincare with a focus on uncomplicated effectiveness and sustainability

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to help themselves or their loved ones to have lasting healthy skin. Whether it's a face cream for a friend or an aftershave for your uncle - all kluuf products come in luxurious grass paper packaging and leave a lasting impression as soon as they are unwrapped. The recipient will remember the great Christmas gift with joy during their daily skincare routine.

Why we selected kluuf's skincare: Admittedly, we're a little biased in this selection. Nevertheless, we firmly believe (and have experienced it ourselves) that our skincare products make a great gift. The creams and lotions are eye-catching both when unpacked and in the bathroom. As soon as they are used regularly, the skin is happy too.

Other: This is the perfect opportunity to combine two gifts:

  • To finally get your boyfriend / partner / father / brother to take care of his skin.
  • A great Christmas present that not only brings joy to the recipient, but also supports social projects.

Buy here: kluuf's sustainable skincare products for men are easy to buy in our store and even come with free shipping within Germany.

We hope our gift guide for men has given you ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts for your loved ones. We wish you a wonderful start to the Christmas season.

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