Why we started Kluuf - Founder Story

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Kluuf, as so many these days, is a covid baby and was born in the middle of 2021. After being on an array of assignments all throughout Europe for a billion-pound corporate gorilla, I finally wanted to do something that mattered. Not only for me, but for the consumers and the people in the world who didn't have the same opportunities that I have. The idea was rather simple: Offer & sell a product which is great for people and do something good with the proceeds. Easy.

Finding the right products was a bit harder, because they quite frankly didn't exist: Skincare for men, which forgoes the usage of dirty ingredients (learn more), is simple to use, keeps its marketing promises and is fairly priced (without selling in quantities that wouldn't even last for a holiday trip).

So, after writing and re-writing a ludicrous number of business plans, navigating the administrative jungle of German bureaucracy and sorting out the financing somehow, Kluuf was finally born and ready to go. The next step was finding the right partners, who not only had the right expertise and capabilities, but also shared the vision, of a for-a-cause company, which prioritises consumers as well as society and deprioritises profit-optimisation to the last decimal place (oh, what my old corporate self would have to say to that, not to speak of my former bosses).

With the right partners, such as dermatologists, chemists, designers and legal experts, Kluuf set out to develop products with the characteristics outlined above, over a period of twelve months. The outcome of the endless product testing and review cycles? A sleek portfolio of four products which are simple to use , comprised of clean ingredients and make a noticeable difference to your skin & well-being. Simple .

Neither of the products contain any ingredients that Kluuf classifies as dirty, such as sulphates (abrasive to a lot of skin types), parabens (suspected of manipulating consumer's hormone levels) or non-sustainable palm oils (active driver of the deforestation of the rain forests). Obviously Kluuf also completely forgoes the usage of animal products completely. The entire portfolio is certified as vegan. Good skincare simply doesn't need any of those ingredients. Sustainable.

Finally, as a for-a-cause company Kluuf actively re-invests profits in social causes, which foster the equality and education of children in South Africa. It is ingrained in the company's DNA to at least donate ten percent of annual profits to charities which drive such projects, to give children a chance which they unfairly have never been given. Having worked in the frontlines (but also back-offices) of such development projects in Africa over the past years, I know where and how our investments reach the right people and make the difference needed in this world. Social

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