The perfect Christmas present for friends, parents, siblings & loved ones

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The problem is well known: Christmas is just around the corner and we are stressed about gift shopping, even though we would much rather lounge on the couch with a hot chocolate and watch Kevin bully the Sticky Bandits in 'Home Alone' for the 17th time.

It's not just the stress of having to push your way through crowded shopping centres, but also the problem of having a proper idea what to gift to start with:

    • Would my father be happy with a tie again?
    • What to get your partner this year?
    • Can I really give my brother this horrible perfume?

Kluuf takes a load off you this year

No unnecessary pushing through narrow shopping streets = we deliver our products to your front door in time for the holiday (of course climate-neutral and customer-friendly with DHL).

No more worrying about what to give your uncle or godson as a present = Our products are not only suitable for all skin types, but also for all age groups (but please do not give Kluuf to children and young people -which teenager’s eyes would light up in joy when unwrapping a facial cleanser?).

No more concerns because the gift could be bad for the environment = We only produce regionally in Germany and only use raw materials that are aligned with our sustainability agenda. Naturally, our skincare products are vegan certified.

No more guilty conscience because money is spent on gifts while a lot of people are not doing so well = Every product sold is also a donation to social projects in Africa. Together with you, we build educational infrastructure and create new opportunities for children.

What the gift recipient can expect

Whether brother, father, uncle, friend, or Secret Santa - Kluuf is the perfect gift for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you want to give a little treat with a face cream or spoil someone with the entire collection - Kluuf is the gift for every occasion.

Not only do the products make a great first impression when unpacking and the recipient instantly becomes a trendsetter with a young and exclusive brand, our products still create joy weeks and weeks after Christmas. So the recipient thinks of your well thought-out gift every morning when they look in the bathroom cabinet. And you will certainly be happy when you notice subtle changes in your love one's skin.

In addition to the gift, you can explain that this is not just any skincare product, but that the gift also actively promotes social projects in Africa. With Kluuf, there is always more than one person who is gifted and a better future is created with every treatment.

By the way, did you know that your skin needs special care in winter? Don't worry, we will never sell you a winter cream or the like. But there are a few little things you can do to take special care of your skin during the cold months. Have a look here .

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