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Kluuf's after shave is specially designed to soothe and regenerate the skin post shaving. It cools the skin, reduces redness and razor burn. In addition, the aftershave has all the important components of a face cream - such as careprotection and regeneration, so that the skin is cared for holistically with just one application (a 2-in-1 product).
What makes this after shave so special, why is it just right for your skin, how do you use it and what else is there to know?

Our aftershave is vegan certified and free of ingredients that we classify as potentially detrimental to people and the environment. Instead, the aftershave is filled with valuable and highly effective active ingredients and designed in such a way that even sensitive skin receives exactly the care it needs without being irritated.
Amongst other Kluuf's after shave works with:

  • Allantoin: A metabolite found in various plants and formed in humans (as well as animals) when uric acid is broken down. In skin care, it not only has a calming and moisturizing effect, it also stimulates cell renewal, resulting in a fresh and healthy appearance.
  • Oat Protein: These hydrolyzed proteins stimulate blood circulation for healthy and fresh skin. In addition, oat protein strengthens the skin barrier. Sensitive skin and allergics can react sensitively to large amounts of these proteins, which is why Kluuf deliberately uses this active ingredient in carefully dosed amounts.
  • Ginger: Everyone knows it, primarily as a food, but it has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Its circulation-enhancing and anti-inflammatory effects are perfect for skin recovery after each shave.
  • Niacinamide: A vitamin derivative that works with the skin's natural components to strengthen the skin's barrier (thus protecting against environmental aggressors, for example) and may even reduce minor wrinkles. Because our aftershave is also a day cream.
  • Aloe Vera: Is a well known plant found in a variety of skincare products. We rely on this traditional ingredient because it moisturizes the skin like no other (the aloe plant itself consists of well over 90% water) and cools at the same time. All this with excellent skin tolerance.
  • Peptides: Our peptides are found in so-called bio-placenta (100% vegan), which are specialized in supplying moisture to irritated or even damaged skin and thus contributing to its regeneration. In addition, this wonder drug strengthens and tightens the skin.

The combination of the above and many other ingredients makes our aftershave a care product that makes the normally necessary face cream for men after shaving obsolete.
Applied after shaving, this product gives your skin exactly the care it needs. We don't think it's necessary to use our face cream after using the aftershave. However, everyone has to decide that for themselves.

Kluuf's aftershave not only makes other care products superfluous, it is also extremely easy to use and takes very little time:

After shaving, we wash the shaved areas with cold water (this closes the pores) and then gently dry the face. With the help of the dispenser - three pumps should be enough for the face - we apply the aftershave to our fingers and then to the face, where we gently massage it in. You will notice that a cooling and refreshing feeling that sets in quickly, the rest happens within the layers of the skin. That's it.

For us it goes without saying that our aftershave is dermatologically tested.
The independent research institute proderm has tested all our products for skin compatibility with the help of dermatologists and volunteers, both for normal and sensitive skin. Kluuf's complete portfolio has received the top rating "very good" and can therefore be used by all skin types carefree. We know that aftershaves in particular irritate many skin types and are therefore happy to be able to offer our customers such a well-tolerated product.

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