Sport, sweat and skin care

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Lets face it: Most people who take care of their skin also likte to take care of their bodies; Be it in the gym, outside or with "home workouts". At Kluuf we love to keep fit (without being annoying about it of course;) and we take care of our skin. One thing is inevitable here though: Sweat.

Even though sweat is the most natural thing in the world, very few people really like to sweat. Sweat is often considered unhygienic and associated with unpleasant odors. Sweat, however, helps to regulate the body temperature and a natural cleaning process of the skin (keyword: exfoliating) takes place as well.

What is sweat and why do we sweat?

The human body has over 4 million (4,000,000.00) sweat glands that regulate the body temperature. If our body temperature rises above the normal level, the glands release a watery secretion which evaporates on the skin's surface and thus cools down the temperature of the skin and the body.
When secreted, the secretion mixes with other breakdown products of the body such as dead cells, alcohol or sebum.
Sweating is therefore an enormously important process for our well-being.
But how does it affect our skin?

Is sweat good or bad for our skin?

After we established in the previous paragraph that sweat is extremely important for our health, the question now arises as to how sweat affects our skin.

When sweat is secreted, it mixes with already dead cells and sebum as it exits the skin. This cleans pores that could otherwise clog. So a kind of endogenous cleaning process sets in (keyword cleansing).
In addition, the body's own salts and minerals are also excreted when you sweat. In combination with the secretion itself, a type of exfoliating effect occurs. Regular sweating cleans the skin from the inside which often is more effective than commercial cleansing products.

It is also important to know that sweating is often accompanied by increased blood flow (e.g. on hot days or during sports).
Increased blood circulation in turn stimulates skin renewal, meaning regular sweating makes your skin look fresher, younger and makes it more resistant at the same time.

Another advantage associated with sweating during physical activity: Sport regulates the cortisol level, which - if unregulated - has negative effects on the skin. In addition, sport can stimulate collagen production, which in turn has a positive effect on the structure and resilience of the skin.

With all the positive properties mentioned, it is important not to forget to wash the sweat off the skin thoroughly as soon as it occurs:

Sweat that stays on the skin for too long can clog pores (which can lead to breakouts like pimples). Bacteria also like to settle on secreted sweat. Therefore: Sweat is important for the body and the skin. However, it is also important to wash the body thoroughly after sweating.

How do I properly care for my skin on hot days / when working out?

A note on our own behalf in advance: Kluuf stands for simplicity , i.e. uncomplicatedness. So we won't offer you "facial care for workouts" or something along the likes of this.
Rather, it is important for us to point out a few factors on how you can take care of your skin in the best possible and uncomplicated way when the skin secretes sweat.

  • Ideally, wash or cleanse/clean the face before exercising. This proactively removes bacteria and impurities such as dead skin cells.
  • Wash off sweat thoroughly after exercise.
    However, the circulation also needs a little time to calm down. So give your body a little time and wait for the so-called "post-sweating phase" to be over before washing yourself and using care products.
  • Only apply gentle care products such as face cream and body lotion when the skin has cooled down and is thus receptive.
  • We do not recommend applying care products directly before exercising, as this could hinder the natural cleansing process.
    The same applies to makeup, which can prevent sweat from exiting the body, hence clogging the pores.
  • Your skin and body love water. When you sweat, significant amounts of water are excreted. So do yourself a favor and make sure you drink enough before, during and after your workout (this also applies to hot days, of course).

In general, skin is more sensitive after exercise. That's why we recommend using only gentle skin care products after training, i.e. avoiding "aggressive ingredients" and artificial fragrances if possible.

Finally, a one more piece of advice:
If you don't have a cleanser at hand after exercising or if you feel that cleansing would overstrain your (sensitive) skin, it's enough to wash your skin thoroughly with water.
Due to the sensitized skin, we also advise you to dry your skin very carefully (and using a fresh and not the gym towel, of course).

What no-gos are there to consider when it comes to skin care and workouts?

Everyone knows their own body and skin best, so we won't tell you what to do and what not to do.
However, we have a few simple recommendations for you that can relieve the skin a little during exercise:

  • As mentioned above, do not apply any care products or make-up directly before exercising
  • Do not keep sportswear or other sweaty clothing on for too long post exercise. Because not only does the sweat collect here, but also all other excretions (sebum, minerals, dead cells,..). Leaving this unsightly hodgepodge in contact with skin is not only unhygienic, it can lead to blemished and unhealthy skin.
  • Trying hard to avoid sweating. As we have already established, sweat is important for your body and healthy skin.

Sweat is your skin's friend:

To put it bluntly, one could say that regular sweating should be an important part of every skin care routine and when we exercise, we not only do something good for our stamina & muscles, we also strengthen our skin.

Kluuf is clearly bucking the trend that everyone needs a pre-workout and post-workout skincare routine. No way. It's much more important to find out how good exercise can be for your skin, if done right.
That's it: Social skincare, made simple.


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