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Wie unterscheidet sich Hautpflege für Männer und Frauen?

How men care for their skin: More than just marketing?

Skincare for men is on the rise and is no longer a rarity. We are seeing more and more unisex and men's skincare products online and on the shelves and sustainability such as vegan creams & lot...

Dermatologykluuf's vegan body lotion dispensed direclty on male skin

Dermatologically tested - what's behind it?

Kluuf's entire portfolio is dermatologically tested for normal and sensitive skin by an independent research institute. All new product launches go through the same process, so that we can off...

our face cream

our face cream

Kluuf's face cream is designed for effective and uncomplicated skincare for the modern man. Dermatologically tested, vegan certified and free from ingredients that are not compliant with our clean ...