township in south africa kluuf's social mission supports

Which projects your skincare routine supports

With Kluuf you not only care for your skin, but also give children in Africa the prospect of a better future. 10% of the profit, be it from the vegan day cream or the sustainable bod...

kluuf's entire sustainable product collection for men on a tray

Our Mission - how and why every product does good

Kluuf is a for-a-cause company, i.e. a company with a social orientation and the intention to make a profit at the same time. Find out in this blog how every day cream or body lotion sold supports ...

kluuf's entire vegan and sustainable skincare product collection for men

Sustainable social investments and greenwashing

When Kluuf was founded, we committed to investing at least 10% of profits in social projects and thus, together with consumers, contribute to a better world. With these investments, we pay diligent...