Why facial cleansing & how to do it right?

Male model cleaning his face with kluuf's gentle facial cleanser

Facial cleaning or cleansing is an indispensable part of the skin care routine for many. More and more men are no longer reluctant to clean their face properly.

But why do we actually clean our face and why is a special cleanser recommended for this?

We are constantly exposed to external influences that can stress our skin. Air pollution, UV rays, screen light and/or sweat (to name just a few) stress us and our skin every day. Even when we sleep, our face is in contact (via the pillow, for example) with dust mites, spores, sweat and dead skin cells.
All of this doesn’t sound particularly appetizing and can lead to free radicals causing skin damage, excess sebum not being properly removed and pimples forming, the skin becoming over-irritated and reacting with redness or rashes.
Kluuf is not a scare-mongering company and there are certainly more serious problems in the world than those mentioned above. But for people like us, who care about skin care and appearance, there is no way around cleaning the face regularly.

Why do you need a special cleanser?

Simplicity is one of Kluuf's core pillars and we have made it our mission to sell fewer products and avoid unnecessary cross-selling. Nevertheless, there is no way around a special facial cleanser for us. There are relatively simple reasons for this:

  • Facial skin is thinner than most other parts of the body, and the underlying layer of fat is thinner as well. As a result, the skin on our face is more sensitive, which in turn requires special care.
  • Regular soap has a pH that is usually around 7.0 (neutral). The skin on our face has a pH that fluctuates around 5.5 (slightly more acidic). This is due to the protective acid mantle that lies on the skin and protects it. If our face is now washed with normal soap, the protective acid mantle is weakened, making it easier for bacteria to move in.
  • Our cleanser is full of active ingredients that not only support gentle facial cleansing, but also stimulate skin renewal and protect against free radicals. At the same time, aloe vera provides you with moisture while you are cleaning. This prevents the skin from drying out during cleaning.

    The investment in a decent cleanser is worthwhile and supports your day cream at work. It also feels good to start the day and fall asleep with a freshly cleansed face.

    Incidentally, even the best facial cleansers are no guarantee against pimples, but they are proven to help prevent them. Most facial cleansers that actively advertise getting rid of blackheads dry out the skin. In this way, action is in fact taken against pimples, but the skin gets seriously damaged, which can be significantly worse. Therefore, please be careful with such products and always pay attention to the moisture level of your skin.

    How does facial cleansing work and how often is it required?

    We understand that the unfamiliar can seem complicated and uncomfortable at first, but there is no need to:
    Cleansing is really simple and takes very little time.

    In preparation, moisten the skin with warm water - this opens the pores, which helps the active ingredients to work - then apply the cleanser to your fingers using the dispenser (three to four pumps are usually sufficient for us). Now gently massage the cleanser all over your face, just avoiding the eye area. A little foam forms on the face. After a short exposure time, wash out the cleanser thoroughly with warm water so that nothing remains on your face.

    After cleaning, we like to use our face cream to moisturize the skin, stimulate regeneration and strengthen protection against external influences.

    We like to clean our face in the morning and in the evening with our cleanser, i.e. twice a day. However, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the double-use might put too much strain on their own facial skin. Every skin is different and reacts differently to skin care products, even if they are designed to be gentle. Alternatively, if you have a sensitive reaction, we recommend washing your face thoroughly with warm water in the morning and cleaning your face with a cleanser in the evening. This protects the skin and still ensures great cleaning.

    If you are interested in how our cleanser works and how it works, take a look at our blog .

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